Sheila  Duffy - Sustainable Development Consultant & Coach

Whether you are a high school student planning a gap year, a college student preparing to study abroad, perform a service learning project or carry out an internship or capstone, a graduate student pursing academic research, a working professional in career transition or someone who just wants to do something about the issues that concern you, Sustainable Impacts offers service opportunities where you can learn more about the realities of issues of interest to you and contribute your knowledge and skills to efforts working to address it

Service opportunities are designed to provide participants with an opportunity to offer their knowledge and skills to address pressing environmental, social, and economic issues and to learn more about them. Dr. Duffy serves as your coach throughout your service, preparing you for what you will experience, working closely with you as you contribute your time and talents, and to navigate your experience. Upon completion, she will assist you to reflect on your service, especially in context of your academic and career planning, and to articulate it on a resume and biographical profile.

In addition to a rich experiential learning opportunity, your safety and well-being while carrying out your service is a priority. Therefore your experience will be personally guided by capable professionals with considerable experience.

Sustainable Impacts works with each client to develop a service opportunity that meets their individual preferences using the relationships we have developed with an impressive set of organizations and individuals working on a broad range of issues all over the world. Logistical arrangements and costs vary. Please inquire with Dr. Duffy.

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