Sheila  Duffy - Sustainable Development Consultant & Coach


Dr. Duffy's colleagues and clients know that she takes pride in delivering world-class service. Read what they say about her!

"At age 18, venturing out into the world seems mind-opening, but also slightly terrifying. It felt easy to be overwhelmed without a guide to help introduce me. Sheila played a big part in my experience in Costa Rica, and because of her, I was able to transition smoothly into the traveling lifestyle. We worked together on the logistics of travel, work, and lodging to create a program unique to my interests. Definitely one of the better experiences of my life" --'Z.M'., Gap year Costa Rica, Summer 2016

"As the mother of an 18 year old who wanted to travel to Central America as part of his gap year
before college, I wanted to figure out a way he could spend meaningful time in a small community in Costa Rica.  I reached out to Sheila Duffy, whom I knew from my time as a Peace Corps volunteer over 25 years ago, and who I knew still had close connections to a small community in Costa Rica. She worked tirelessly to figure out exactly what kind of experience my son wanted to have and then arranged for him to stay with three different families over 3 months in a small community in Costa Rica. Before he left, she sent very detailed instructions on what bus to catch to get to the community, how to handle money, and much much more.  My son had an amazing experience in Costa Rica which would not have been possible without Sheila’s help.  For me, as a mother, knowing that she was available as a resource both before and during his stay gave me much comfort. --'J.S.', Mother of Gap Year Traveler, Summer 2016

“Sheila is an effective and scholarly teacher in both formal and informal settings because she offers learners a sharp mind honed by real world experience. Dr. Duffy has a great mind, a big heart, and lots of practical ideas, knowledge, and experience.”---‘G.S.’, University Program Coordinator
“Dr. Duffy has taught in numerous formal academic situations in a variety of geographic settings, but the most impressive aspect of her teaching and outreach is her genuine warmth, respect for the adult learner, sensitivity to individual learning styles, and willingness to truly listen. ---‘M.B.’, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer and Cooperative Development Specialist, USDA
'Sheila was very positive, non-judgmental, and very competent.' --‘T.L.', Nurse
"Sheila is an extraordinarily gifted coach.  She helps facilitate the tasks that need to be undertaken to accomplish goals.  She is a cheerleader, a taskmaster but most of all - she is a guide who enables her clients to achieve results!" --‘C. N.', not-for-profit organization executive
“Equally at home working in either the public or private sector, Dr. Duffy is a person with whom you would want to be associated professionally.  She has integrity, assumes responsibility, takes initiative, and works hard at involving other people in activities, even “pushing” them if she perceives it to be necessary to accomplish goals.--‘J.C.”, Professor, Texas A&M University
“Sheila is a brilliant strategist that will help you see your way clear through the multitude of skills and experiences that you’ve attained over the years. What’s more, she’s interested in helping you clarify and focus your attention on your career interests for the longer term. 
 ‘M. K.’, senior-level public relations professional
"Sheila is someone who has a wonderful way of clearing out the cobwebs to see the light in front of you." --‘M.H.’, Director of Accounting
"Sheila has a wonderful talent for focusing in on a person’s essence, and translating it into the written word.  She has a gift for crystallizing your experiences and skills while helping you to clear blocks through her compassionate listening and focused questions.  Her coaching process empowers individuals to help themselves by guiding them to recognize and utilize their own inherent strengths." --‘P.M.’, small business owner
"Sheila is a take-charge kind of person, accepting total responsibility and accountability for assignments.  Sheila has always expressed a strong interest in personal development, always trying to find better and more efficient ways of doing the job." --‘W.E.', Director, Division of Business
"I have found Ms. Duffy to be not only a tireless and diligent person, but also creative, resourceful, and very professional.   She always looks at the positive side of situations and is able to transmit this characteristic to those with whom she comes into contact."
--‘M.P.’, Project Director
'Sheila believes that we must preserve the life sustaining customs of humanity’s diverse societies and weave them into a resilient fabric that will protect the sanctity of all life.  She is passionate, honest, and thoughtful of the complex interactions between the natural and cultural world and within this nexus she shares her knowledge and experiences freely. --‘F.O.’, Anthropologist and Educator
"Volunteering in the Peace Corps is just another illustration of Sheila’s lifelong commitment to community service.  Though she could have enjoyed economic prosperity in the finance industry where she started after college, Sheila felt a calling to help low income women help themselves."--‘M.P.", Associate Professor
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